202 Area Code. Location. Time Zone. Toll Free? Scam? Who’s Calling?

202 Area Code

Area code 202 is the only area code for the state of Washington, D.C. and is one of the original codes by the North American Numbering Plan or NANP. With recent news of exhaustion, a new area code was added as a counter measure. To learn more about area code 202, read below.

When did area code 202 come to be?

Area code 202 is one of the original area codes established in 1947 under the North American Numbering Plan with most of Washington dialing a local calling area known as Washington Metropolitan Exchange Area.

Once active all calls to D.C. would require an area code when dialing as Washington was one of the places where seven digit dialing was still possible.  It is also one of the areas that don’t have an overlay.

What are the areas serviced by 202?

Area code 202 services the Washington D.C. area that has a population of 607, 723

What time zone does area code 202 follow?

Area code 202 belongs to the state of Washington D.C. and follows the Eastern Timezone (EST) which encompasses 23 states on the Eastern part of the U.S. some parts of eastern Canada, Quinatana Roo in Mexico, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and a small part of Brazil. Time is being observed wherein the time is advanced by and hour due to daylight savings time.

Is area code 202 toll free?

No, area code 202 is not toll free.

Is area code 202 a scam?

With the ease of technology comes certain dangers. Nowadays since customizing your own number is possible and scammers have used this to their advantage. Many have customized their numbers to make their numbers seem local enforcing a sense of trust and security to its victims.

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