213 Area Code-Location, Time Zone. Toll-Free? Scam? Who’s Calling?

213 Area Code

If you’ve ever been curious about the 213 area code, this resource will tell you all about it, including where you can find it on your phone and what time zone it’s in. Then, it will help you to quickly determine whether the call you’re getting from this number is legitimate or a scam. Hopefully, if you do get an unwanted call from this area code and it turns out to be fraudulent, this will help you to avoid becoming a victim of fraud.

When did area code 213 come into use?

When the North American Numbering Plan came into effect in 1947, California was one of the very first states to be given an area code: 213 for Los Angeles and environs. In the intervening years, 213 has remained essentially unchanged in size and shape—covering all or part of 10 counties including Los Angeles County itself—and retains its place as the dominant area code in L.A. and its suburbs by a wide margin; it even includes much of West Hollywood (310), just across town from the City of Angels proper.

How do I get 213 Area Code?

As mentioned above, there are still some remaining numbers under the 213 area code, but they can be found only in some rural regions of California, as well as on Native American reservations. The last phone number under 213 was issued to a small town called Joshua Tree in 2015 and is used by one of its residents who has no plans to give it up anytime soon (yes, we asked). So if you’re still searching for your 213 number, you may have to head out into those rural parts of California—and then brace yourself for a very expensive purchase.

Where does the 213 area code operate?

Code Operate

The 213 area code, often referred to as the 213 or 213 code, is used in Los Angeles County. The 213 area code was created after the 2017 Overlay Plan—the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) had previously announced that an overlay plan for Los Angeles would be implemented in February 2017 but has now pushed the date back to October 2017. The change will allow people with 714 phone numbers to keep their numbers without having to dial 1 first when calling someone within the new 213 service area. Since there are fewer prefixes available with a 214 or 323 area code, some people could be required to change their numbers during the next changeover, which should happen no later than July 2021.

How do I call a 213 Area Code?

If you have recently started to dial 213 code, then you should know that these changes in dialling have been made only recently and they are applicable only to certain areas of California; specifically, coastal Los Angeles. Due to a system upgrade, new telephone exchanges (3 digit + 7 digit) are being introduced in California and due to these new exchanges, it has become compulsory for people in southern California to dial either two or three digits before 7 digits in order to place calls therefrom. Therefore, if you happen to be calling 213 code from one of these areas, then you will need either 2 or 3 before any 7 digit number starting with 2-1-3 in order to reach your desired party successfully.

Are 213 numbers a scam?

Scam Number

With the rise of online services allowing people to select their own ten-digit numbers, many are seeing 213-numbers as a sign of scamming sites in the making. As more people come to expect that a new number is likely linked to some sort of malicious activity or spammy intent, it can make it tough for legit businesses using 213 numbers to cut through the noise and get their brand recognized for what it really is: legitimate.

Additional information about the 213 area code

213 is the area code for Los Angeles and its surrounding suburbs in southern California, United States. 213 was one of the original area codes created in 1947 and originally covered an even larger region including all of central California from Sacramento to Bakersfield and El Centro to the Mexican border; when the San Diego and Orange County areas split off as 909 in 1991, 213 remained unchanged despite having been reduced to Los Angeles and surrounding cities a decade earlier.

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