267 Area Code – Location, Time Zone. Toll Free? Scam? Who’s Calling?

267 Area Code

The 267 area code is located in the state of Pennsylvania. This area code was assigned to service providers on 8/22/2010. The 267 area code covers 7 counties of Pennsylvania and 235 cities in total. On average, the phone number associated with 267 area code has 1 complaint filed against it per month (1 per month). The most recent complaint reported on 267 area code was filed on 09/30/2013 as 100+ calls and harassment.. All phone numbers within 267 area code are used with the same technology and standard protocol such as caller id, unique ringing pattern, and your ability to block unwanted callers.

Where is the 267 area code?

The 267 area code is used in the state of Pennsylvania and provides service to the following cities: Philadelphia, Wilmington and many others. The 267 area code is located in the Eastern time zone and covers an approximate 571 mile radius surrounding Philadelphia including cities such as Norristown, Exton, Malvern, West Chester East Lampeter Township. If you are looking for a specific place with the 267 area code or perhaps searching for surrounding cities or places that begin with 267 then consider using our database below to search for any specifics regarding 267.

What is the 267 number and what location is it coming from?

267 is one of the telephone area codes of the North American Numbering Plan (NANP). It covers most of the city and suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, including all of Delaware County and parts of Berks County (which used to be served by area code 610), Chester County (which used to be served by area code 835), Montgomery County (which used to be served by area code 610) and a small part of southern New Jersey served by New Jersey Bell Telephone Company. The 267 area code was one of the original NANP codes assigned in 1947. It was split off from the 215 area code in 1997 as one of two possible splits (the other being 360/425).

Are calls from area code 267 a scam?

Since getting scammed with unknown calls is very common nowadays, there is a possibility that calls from 267 are a scam. The only way to know for sure is to actually call back and see who answers! The scammer has no choice but to answer, or else their phone number will reveal itself as fake. This is a great way to determine whether an area code is valid and not a scam.They use this trick so they could gain your trust, and would give your personal information. There are also calls that charge you a fee by connecting to the caller or by calling back. This scam is called “One-Ring Scam”.

How do I block unwanted calls from 267 numbers?

If you are receiving unwanted calls from 267 area code phone numbers and want to know how to block them for good, here is some useful information on how to go about it. All cellular phones have an integrated blocking system that you can use whenever a number has been calling repeatedly or is malicious in any way. It is quick and easy to do too! From home-phones to business mobiles, cell phones can be blocked from making contact with your handset easily if you follow these simple steps.

Are calls from 267 numbers toll free?

Calls made from 267 numbers are not toll free. Both international and local calls charge you a fee. The cost may vary from the carrier or company where you acquired your telecommunication services. Some charges may be per minute of call, or can be a monthly or yearly subscription. International calls cost more than the local ones. You may ask the company about the service that you have and the price for the charges.

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