The History of the 316 Area Code

316 Area Code

The 316 area code is located in the central portion of the state of Kansas and includes the cities of Wichita, Salina, and Hutchinson. The code was created in 1947 when the north and south halves of the state were split into separate area codes. Prior to that, the entire state was served by a single area code: 614. 

The 316 area code has been home to some famous residents over the years, including basketball player Wilt Chamberlain, author William S. Burroughs, and actor Christopher Lloyd. The code has also been the subject of pop culture references, most notably in the 1980s television series “square Pegs” and the 2001 film “Save the Last Dance.” 

What is area code 316?

Area code 316 is an area code that covers the city of Wichita, Kansas and the surrounding area. The 316 area code was assigned in 1947, and it is currently the only area code serving Wichita.

While the 316 area code is the only area code serving Wichita, there are a few other area codes that cover parts of Kansas. These other area codes include 620 (covering the western part of the state), 785 (covering the eastern part of the state), and 913 (covering the Kansas City metropolitan area).

Where is it coming from?

This area code serves the city of Wichita, Kansas and the surrounding large and small communities. Area code 316 was originally serving southern half of Kansas then it was split to form area code 620 which is now covering most of southern Kansas except Wichita.Area code 316 covers the metropolitan area of Wichita including the larger cities and communities of El Dorado, Augusta,Goddard, Hutchinson, Newton,

Is area code 316 a scam?

Scam Number

Area code 316 is located in the Central time zone also known as America/Chicago. It was officially put into service in 2001 by AT&T and the Bell System and is duly registered in the North American Numbering Plan  (NANP). Despite the fact that it is duly registered, you can still be susceptible to scammers

If you receive a call from area code 316, be on your guard. Do not give out any personal information or money, and hang up immediately if the caller tries to pressure you. You can also report the call to the Federal Trade Commission.

Is area code 316 toll free?

Area code 316 is not a toll free number. Any calls performing with area code 316 will be charged depending on duration and the location if it’s local or long distance calls. You may call your telecommunications provider to know more about the service

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