323 Area Code – Location, Time Zone, Toll-free, Scam, and Who’s Calling?

The 323 area code belongs to the state of California in the United States of America. It covers the city of Los Angeles and nearby areas in Los Angeles County and West Hollywood, as well as parts of Beverly Hills, Marina Del Rey, Santa Monica, Glendale, Burbank, Hollywood, Sherman Oaks, and Van Nuys in Los Angeles County; Alhambra, East Pasadena, and South Pasadena in western San Gabriel Valley; as well as Eagle Rock in eastern Los Angeles County. The 323 area code also covers small portions of Ventura County. It overlays Area codes 213 and 626.

323 Area Code

Where is the 323 area code located?

The 323 area code is used for the state of California. Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Downtown L.A., Huntington Park, Alhambra, Pasadena, Glendale, Inglewood, San Fernando Valley, and much more are all located in the 323 area code. If you have been called by a number with the 323 area code it means that the phone number belongs to any location within the 323 area code region which is regulated by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). Other cities or states may use a different area code that has nothing to do with you.

What Time Zone Does The 323 Area Code Follow?

Does The 323 Area Code Follow

The 323 area code is located in the Pacific time zone (PST). When it is noon in Los Angeles (the largest city in California) it is 9:00 am on the east coast. When making an international phone call to 323, remember that most countries use a one-hour time difference from California. In some cases, you may need to make a five-hour time difference due to daylight savings time. For example, when it is 3:00 pm in Los Angeles then it will be 8:00 pm locally—making nine hours behind EST or six hours ahead of GMT.

What are some common cities with numbers from the 323 area code?

Some of the more common cities from 323 area codes are Los Angeles (including Hollywood), Beverly Hills, Downtown Los Angeles, Westwood Los Angeles.323 area code is also used for: Parts of Burbank in Los Angeles County. Santa Monica (most lines within Santa Monica use 310) Some communities of Redondo Beach in LA County. The Marina Del Rey section of town in Los Angeles County.

Can you still Get a 323 Area Code?

Area code 323 is currently being used by Los Angeles residents. The 323 area code remains in use despite 2 other area codes 213 (Los Angeles) and 310 (Pasadena) being available. Los Angeles can still obtain either 323 area codes or 213 area codes. Both area codes are available for Los Angeles. While it is possible to have both 213 numbers and 323 numbers at a residence, do not expect to receive calls from both since most callers will only dial one number for that residence. If you are going to get a 323 number make sure you don’t already have a 213 number otherwise if you give out your 323 number as your mainline someone could call your 213 number accidentally giving you two phone calls at once.

Is This Number A Scam Or Spam Caller?

Is This Number A Scam Or Spam Caller

Most 323 area code numbers are legit and will not cause you any trouble. However, scammers sometimes use fake area codes to hide their identity when calling for money or personal information. As with every phone number out there, you should always exercise caution before sending money or giving your personal information over the phone to a number you don’t recognize. If it sounds like a scammer is trying to get one over on you, they probably are! If a scammer really wants your money or info they can usually find a way to get in touch with you directly without using tricks like an unknown area code.

How can I block this caller in the future if they continue to call me in error?

You can block a caller from calling you in the future if you know their phone number. This is generally easier to do with a landline. To block calls from an unknown caller: Put your phone on-off or vibrate mode before picking up. Let it ring at least 5 times so that caller realizes that their call is not going through to your line. If they don’t hang up, pick up as soon as possible by pressing Answer or Talk.

You can answer immediately even though they’ve already left one of those annoying messages! Say something like Hey there! I’m sorry I missed your call in a happy tone to throw them off and startle them (and hopefully prevent another hang-up). If there’s only one missed call per caller: Press *57 immediately after hanging upon them (or wait for about 2 minutes if *57 isn’t available where you live) so that their name and number will appear automatically when they try to place future calls. Block calls from private numbers, anonymous numbers, blocked numbers, *86 & all non-published numbers for added safety!

Where does Area Code 323 Services?

Los Angeles, CA, United States; Century City (Los Angeles), CA; Beverly Hills (Los Angeles), CA; West Hollywood (Los Angeles), CA. Services can be used anywhere across Southern California from San Diego to Riverside to Orange County. However, there is a long-distance calling area code that covers all of California. It is typically 323 but some may see 323 or 213 depending on location. Long-distance may not always be a toll-free call if you are calling another part of California other than Los Angeles. If it’s not a local number it will most likely use your minutes depending on your cell plan so remember to check before using your minutes!

Is 323 a Toll-Free Area Code?

As 323 services the Los Angeles area, therefore, it is not a toll-free area code. This means that it should never be used for toll-free numbers. If you have a legitimate business in the Los Angeles area, we recommend you use 323 as a local exchange number. Using 323 as a local number allows customers to recognize your number as one they can call locally. It will make your company appear more reputable if customers see that you are local because if it is a reallocation of your business or store, then they could come and visit you at your shop or office if they need to.

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