615 Area Code-Location, Time Zone. Toll Free? Scam? Who’s Calling?

615 area code location – The 615 area code, or NPA-NXX (North American Numbering Plan), is assigned to the state of Tennessee and covers most of the state. It’s not hard to find 615 area code on Google, but you might have trouble understanding why some numbers have that prefix while others do not. To find out what the 615 area code means, read this guide to the 615 area code and it’s history in Tennessee. What does the 615 area code mean? Is there anything nefarious about those numbers with that prefix?

What is the 615 area code?

615 Area Code

The 615 area code covers these cities: Franklin. It is located in Middle Tennessee and was established April 1, 1995. Now you know what 615 area code is! Just remember it next time you see a phone number starting with 615! Use our other area codes lookup tool to look up any other area codes in USA/Canada or use our free search tool above to get more details about any national phone number that starts with 469 or 615.

Where does a 615 number come from?

The North American Numbering Plan Administrator (NANPA) foresaw that the end of the century would bring about a huge increase in the number of available telephone numbers for the North American continent. To avoid exhausting numbering resources, new area codes would be distributed to service areas on a designated skip basis as a way to stagger resource use over time; existing area codes could continue in operation while new codes were introduced over time.

In 1947, 901 as Tennessee’s only area code until 1954 came when the most of the western bend of the Tennessee River was assigned area code 615 and 901 remained in Memphis which persisted for 41 years. In 1995, majority of the eastern part of 615 was transferred to 423. Places here included Chattanooga, Knoxville and the Tri Cities causing a divide between 615 and 423. Eventually the divisions were: 423 for East Tennessee, 615 for Middle Tennessee and 901 for West Tennessee.

Where can I use the 615 Area Code?

The 615 area code covers most of Middle Tennessee, including Nashville and surrounding suburbs. The 615 area code has been in service since 1947 and is part of area code 931, which also includes Clarksville (931/524) and Columbia (931/381). Any phone number with a 615 area code is located in Tennessee or one of its bordering states: Kentucky or Alabama.

What is the format of a phone number in 615 ?

This is a difficult question to answer; it depends on where in your region you are making a call from. For example: If you were making a call from San Diego then 615 might be formatted as xxx-615 , where xxx is actually an area code that covers many different places across North America. Whereas if you were making a call from within Tennessee (where 615 originates) then 615 would just be formatted as an 888 number.

What areas does 615 area code service?

615 is a North American Numbering Plan area code for Nashville, Tennessee and most of its surrounding counties. It was one of five original area codes assigned to metropolitan areas in 1947 by AT&T and was split in 1998 when 862 was created from it. The 615 code covers 36 counties in Middle Tennessee, with a population of more than 2 million people.

What time zone does area code 615 follow?

Areas that use the 615 area code include: Chattanooga, TN; Knoxville, TN; Nashville, TN. Generally speaking all of the major towns and most of the cities covered by 615 area code are considered Central Time Zone locations. Plan accordingly. How many time zones does Tennessee follow? : Tennessee is in the Central Time Zone.During all the days of the year and Central Daylight Time where it follows daylight saving time and advances by an hour (UTC-5:00) during the summertime.

Is 615 toll free?How do I get a 615 number?

Toll Free Number

615 is not a toll free number. Getting your own number is as easy as online phone service! It’s NOT for you. If your business needs a virtual phone number or additional lines, check out ooma and get a new number that can be used anywhere in the US or Canada. You won’t be charged long distance or per minute charges when using that number with Ooma Telo. Plus, it is simple to set up and use.

When dialling, always remember the area code.If the number you are calling has seven digits, dial the area code first and then proceed with your seven digit number to call. Not dialling in the area code would result in your call not coming through and the phone provider would ask you to hang up and dial again.

Is 615 a scam?

While it can be a bit disconcerting to see that your caller ID has 615 area code (or 615 on caller ID) displayed, you can breathe easy knowing that this is a legitimate Nashville area code and not a scam or phone number attempting to entice you into giving out personal information. The people have been able to customize their own numbers and pick out any combination they want, making it easier for scammers to trick people.

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