704 Area Code: Time Zone, Location, and Who’s Calling?

704 Area Code

Lucky 704 Area Code! This area code covers the city of Charlotte, North Carolina, and surrounding areas and towns, including Gastonia, Concord, Kannapolis, Huntersville, Fort Mill, and Rock Hill. The most populous city in the 704 area code region is Charlotte with nearly 800,000 residents as of 2013; other large cities include Concord with over 55,000 residents and Gastonia with over 53,000 residents.

What Is the 704 Area Code?

The 704 area code is located in central North Carolina. It was created in 1947, as one of two area codes that serve primarily North Carolina. The 704 area code covers major cities like Charlotte and Raleigh. This is why a lot of businesses based in those cities have 704 numbers—it doesn’t matter if you’re in Greensboro or Wilmington; if you have a phone number with a 704 area code attached to it, there’s a good chance you’re from around here.

History of the 704 Area Code

The first telephone in North Carolina was placed in service on September 15, 1879, at the New Bern Hotel. A total of 24 telephones were installed within the next year. The 704 area code was assigned to the entire state of North Carolina telecommunication services in 1947. On August 11th of that year, the entire state was split between two area codes. For a long time, Durham had been a city unto itself with its own local calling code—and it still does to some extent because it is outside both major metropolitan areas. 

For many years (through about 1970), Durham had both numbers for local calls inside and outside town. When residents would call someone who lived outside Durham but in another part of central or eastern North Carolina (like Raleigh-Durham), they could dial just seven digits—but when people called from other parts of the country or even from across Raleigh-Durham there would be an extra digit added after 9. It wasn’t until 1979 that all numbers became truly local within Durham as an outgrowth of increasing use of toll-free 800 numbers.

Area Code 704

What time zone is area code 704?

The 704 area code covers areas in North Carolina. The time zone for area code 704 is Eastern Standard Time (EST). EST is 4 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time (GMT-4). This time zone applies to all cities in area code 704. See a list of major cities below. How many people live in the 704 area code?: There are over 1.7 million residents living in area code 704/919 which was first put into service on November 3rd, 1993.

Is area code 704 a toll-free number?

A 704 area code is not a toll-free number. It means that a person placing a call to a 704 number will incur charges, even if they have an unlimited phone plan. When you answer, say Hello, who is calling? If they give their name, ask how you know them; if they don’t, ask where they are calling from. you should pick up or dial it. On your Caller ID or on any answering machine/voice mail system, see what appears when someone calls you with a 704 area code.

Toll Free Number

704 Area Code Business Phone Numbers

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