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888 Area Code

There are many reasons why you might be receiving calls from an 888 area code on your caller ID, but they all boil down to two possibilities: the call originates from the United States, or it originates from outside of the US. Knowing whether the call originated within the US or outside of it can help you decide whether to answer it or let it go to voicemail and if you do choose to answer, will help you know what kind of message you’re about to receive. This guide helps you quickly identify and understand the source of 888 area code calls and how they may affect your life and business.

What is an 888 area code phone number?

888 area code phone numbers are a popular option for businesses and entrepreneurs looking to receive nationwide calls without having to pay more than they have to. 888 area codes are reserved for toll-free (or free-call) numbers that can be called by anyone, anywhere in the United States without being charged per minute or per call. 

This is precisely why scammers and spammers use them – because it is free. Unfortunately, you may be one of these 888 scams if your number gets listed as one that says it’s free when in fact there is a fee associated with calling you; most likely an expensive international call placed by customers outside of America wanting to reach your US business…and willing to pay whatever price you’re charging them for accessing their customer service from across borders.

Where is the number located?

Is it a toll-free number or a local call? Knowing where a number is calling from can help with decision making and if you do decide to answer, how you answer. For example, if it’s toll-free you might want to just go ahead and answer because that means someone is likely picking up for you at no cost other than your time. If it’s not local though you might opt to let it go to voicemail since you don’t know what area code it is so there could be an added cost like international fees or roaming charges for using your phone in another country.

How can I identify if it’s a scam call?

Scam Call

Typically, you can tell if it’s a scam call if you do not recognize and/or trust the caller’s phone number. When in doubt, just hang up! However, many scams call spoofing their caller ID numbers to appear as legit businesses or even government agencies. Therefore, always be on alert for these types of fraudulent activity. If at any point during a phone call you feel like you are being pressured into making an immediate decision (this is known as high-pressure sales tactics), please end the conversation immediately. Remember that telemarketers are professionals at what they do; they will have answers prepared for your objections and concerns—just expect them!

Where did an 888 area code come from?

An 888 area code is one of the toll-free area codes under North American Numbering. Currently, there are over a million numbers reserved for toll-free services under the 888, 877, 866, and 855 codes. If you have an unknown call from any of these three digits, it’s important to understand how they were placed on your caller ID. Here’s what you need to know about any calls coming from an 888 number in 2016: they’re most likely either scam or fraud calls trying to sell you something or promotion that asks you to click on links in order to win prizes!

How do I call up an 888 number?

888 Number

If you’re trying to call up an 888 number, simply insert an 888 in front of any area code you’d like to dial. If you want to reach a company headquartered in New York, but whose toll-free customer service number is 1-800-555-1212, just dial 888-555-1212 when you place your call. Note that 888 numbers are typically local calls only; they do not work with long distances.

Can I text an 888 number?

If the business you want to text has a number that is text-enabled, then you can send a text message to them. Just enter your phone number followed by their 10 digit phone number into your cell phone’s address book, and save it under Name of Business. Now when you get a call from an 888 area code, simply click that contact name in your address book and start texting.

How do I obtain my own 888 number?

To obtain your own toll-free number would require you to go to FCC or Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Many companies now provide toll-free numbers and have obtained a block of 888 numbers that they are able to sell on an individual basis. You can buy these numbers from them or from telemarketers who provide those numbers for a fee. You may also be able to contact your state’s Public Utilities Commission, which is usually responsible for regulating phone companies in your area.

Is 888 a scam?

Is It A Scam Call

For the most part, toll-free numbers are used by businesses for the purpose of customer service. A customer might call a toll-free number to place an order or to get information on a product; they will generally reach an automated system that sends them to the proper department based on the nature of their inquiry (e.g., Press 1 for sales). In other cases, you might reach a company representative who is able to handle your query over the phone.

Are 888 area code numbers safe?

Consumers should be aware of how 888 numbers operate and take extra caution when answering toll-free numbers if their area code is 888, or if they are using a service with an 888 number. Before providing personal information to a caller with an 800 number, callers should also verify whether it is toll-free; otherwise, charges can quickly add up on mobile phone bills

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