919 Area Code – Time Zone, Scam, Location, and Toll-Free?

Area Code 919

Scammers have been using the 919 area code as the number of callers to trick people into giving away their money. But where does this 919 area code actually belong? And what are the other area codes in North Carolina? Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about the 919 area code, plus find out what you can do if you get an incoming call from this number.

Where is Area Code 919?

North Carolina has a 919 area code, which is shared by several cities in North Carolina. Cary, Raleigh, Chapel Hill are all part of 919. You can dial any of these city codes to reach their local numbers. For example, if you want to call Cary from Chapel Hill, simply dial 919-269-XXXX instead of 919-559-XXXX. The 919 area code is one of 7 area codes in North Carolina.

Is it a scam or not?

Scam Number

If you get a call from the 919 area code, don’t immediately assume it’s a scam; in fact, there are some legitimate reasons someone might be calling from a 919 area code. First off, if you live in North Carolina or surrounding areas then a call with that number could very well be legit—it just so happens that local numbers don’t start with 1′′ (in other words: 1-336 would not be one of our local area codes). Of course it also could be an international phone number or part of a network such as Skype. So how do you tell if someone is trying to pull one over on you or not? You ask questions.

What Time Zone is area code 919?

47 am. Eastern time (America/New_York) is 9:08:47 am and there is a -2 hour time difference between area code 919 and Eastern Standard Time. Eastern Standard Time(UTC/GMT -5)and, is 7:08:47 amis 2 hours behind for Eastern. The time zone of area code 919 is America/New York, and its current time is 9:08. Its origin is the Eastern Time zone.

History of area Code 919

919 Area Code

The 919 area code was introduced in the service on 1st January 1954. The 919 area code serves the city of Raleigh as well as parts of Wake County in North Carolina. As of now, it has been observed that the number of residents who have adopted the use of cell phones is more than those using landline phones to make calls or text messages. 

It is because of the convenience offered by mobile phone users who can make and receive calls anytime at any place without the need for a landline connection. However, cell phones are not cheap to buy; thus one must be very careful in managing his expenses while using such services provided by cell phone providers.

Where is it located in the United States map?

919 is the area code in North Carolina. They are codes known as the North American Numbering Plan or NANP. It was created on December 1, 1947. Most of North Carolina uses 919. However, some use other area codes such as 434 or 252. <This part should talk about – Area codes 919 in North Carolina. plan or NANP. It was created on December 1, 1947. Most of North Carolina uses 919. However, some use other area codes such as 434 or 252.

Does it share any area codes with other states or cities around it?

Yes, it shares area codes with Virginia (No. 276), South Carolina (No. 803), North Carolina (No. 980) and Georgia (No. 470). It shares a region code with Virginia (Region 17 – Central Piedmont). The 919 region code was split from 509 in 1947 at which time it covered all of eastern North Carolina excluding Durham County. In 1954, parts of Johnston County were split off to form 684 while others were split off to form 252.

How to Call a 919 Area Code Phone Number

919 Phone Number

To call a 919 area code phone number, you have to format the phone number as area code + 7 digit phone number. But, before you try calling the phone number, make sure that it’s not just a scam. Because there are many scam phone numbers floating around on the internet that asks you to enter your personal information (i.e., credit card number, social security number). Also, not all 919 area code numbers are toll-free.

Are calls From area Code 919 a Scam?

If a number is coming from a state other than North Carolina (and it’s 8 digits and starts with 919), there is a good chance it is legit. But keep in mind that scammers can spoof phone numbers to make them look like they are local when they aren’t. If you have been receiving calls from area code 919 and they appear to be scams, try forwarding your callers to an alternate number (preferably one without a caller ID) or use an answering service. The best way to stop these types of calls is by not picking up!

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