937 Area Code – Location, Time Zone. Toll Free? Scam? Who’s Calling?

937 Area Code

Receiving calls from an area code you’re not familiar with can be somehow worrying. You don’t have any idea what location is it coming from, or if the call is that important to be answered, or just who could be the caller. If you have received a call recently from area code 937 and you are not so familiar with the area code, worry no more for we provide below some information that addresses your concerns about area code 937.

What is area code 937?

The area code 937 is located in the state of Ohio, and was created in 1996. It includes the cities of Dayton, Springfield, and Sidney. The area code 937 is currently the only area code in Ohio.

The 937 area code is located in Ohio, and includes the cities of Dayton and Springfield. The 937 area code is assigned to a specific geographic area. The area code is generally used when someone wants to make a phone call to that particular area.The 937 area code has been in existence since 1947. It was created as a split from the 216 area code. The 937 area code is located in the Eastern time zone

Where is it coming from?

Area code 937 was first established in September 1996, a split from area code 513. It is one of the telephone area codes in the NANPA and covers the southwestern portion of the state of Ohio, which is located inside the Eastern Time zone. In 2018, the NANPA projected that area code 937 will be exhausted by the third quarter of 2020. In July 2018, area code 326 was approved to overlay area code 937.

The cities that the area code 937 covers are Dayton, Springboro, Clayton, Greenville, Mount Orab, Middletown, Oakwood, Bellbrook, West Carrollton, Fairborn, Miamisburg, Franklin, Moraine, Cedarville and more.

Is area code 937 a scam?

Scam Number

Telephone scam is one of the most commonly reported scam, especially that the use of mobile devices is continuously rising. The target of this scam is to obtain your personal information by calling your phone and would claim that they are calling from a customer care service or government agencies. This phone scam could be done by a real people, robocall, or by simply a text message.

There have been reports of people receiving phone calls from area code 937, which is not a real area code. These calls are often from scammers who are trying to trick people into thinking they are from a legitimate business or organisation. Some of these scammers may even try to get personal information or money from their victims.

How do I block unwanted calls coming from area code 937?

Is the call you have received seems suspicious and would want to block the number from calling your phone? Provided below is a guide on how you can block a number from calling your phone:

Is area code 937 toll free?

Area code 937 is absolutely not toll free. A call placed from any 937-xxx-xxx numbers will automatically perform a charge on your account. The situation is same to calling any 937-xxx-xxx numbers. Charges may be done per-minute of the call or by a monthly subscription to a telecommunication company. The charges may vary to the company or local carrier you have acquired your mobile services.

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