Ann Arbor or 734 Area Code – Location, Time Zone, Toll-Free? Scam?

Ann Arbor 734 area code

The Ann Arbor Area Code is a telephone area code that covers southeastern Michigan. The code 734 is assigned to the code serving the city of Ann Arbor, the county seat of Washtenaw County. The code 734 was first put into service on October 1, 1947. 

The Area Code 734 is located in the Eastern Time Zone and covers the following counties: 

Washtenaw, Wayne, Oakland, Livingston, Lenawee, Jackson, Ingham, Hillsdale, Genesee, Shiawassee, Saginaw,

What time zone does area code 734 belong to?

The 734 area code is located in the Eastern Time Zone of the United States. This time zone includes the states of Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York. The 734 area code is also located in Canada, specifically in the province of Ontario.

Where does the Ann Arbor Area Code 734 Come From?

The Ann Arbor area code 734 comes from the North American Numbering Plan (NANP). The NANP is a system that assigns telephone numbers to areas in the United States and Canada. The 734 area code was created in 1947 as one of the original 86 area codes. It covers the southeastern part of Michigan, which includes the cities of Ann Arbor, Brighton, and Monroe.

How do I get my own Ann Arbor Code 734 number?

You may be wondering how to get your own Ann Arbor Code 734 number. The process is actually quite simple. All you need to do is contact the Michigan State Police and request a 734 number for your business. You will need to provide some basic information, such as your business name and address, and you will be assigned a 734 number.

Once you have your 734 number, you can start using it for your business. You can use it to promote your business or to simply give your customers a way to reach you. Either way, having a 734 number is a great way to show your Ann Arbor pride.

Is Area Code 734 Toll Free?


No, Area Code 734 is not toll free.All area codes are toll free, but some may have additional charges depending on the service provider. For example, area code 734 is toll free when called from a landline, but there may be additional charges when calling from a mobile phone. These charges are typically minimal, and vary depending on the carrier.

How do I call the Ann Arbor Area Code 734 number?

There are a few different ways to call Ann Arbor Area Code 734 numbers. The most common way is to dial 1 + 734 + the seven-digit phone number. You can also dial 0 + 734 + the seven-digit phone number. Some landline and VoIP providers may use different formatting, so it’s always best to check with your provider before making a call.

Is Area Code 734 a scam?

Scams are quite popular in this age and era due to an increase in mobile phone usage and online services. A recent search shows police warning against phoney cop, phone scam targeting 734 Area Code. They said the phoney cop calling number within the 734 area code tried to make the call sound authentic by naming a Judge at 35th District Court, but on the brighter side police reported one has fallen victim to the scam.

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