Fort Myers Fl or 239 Area Code – Location, Time Zone, Toll-Free? Scam?

Fort Myers Fl Area Code

The 239 area code is located in southwest Florida and covers Fort Myers, Cape Coral, and Naples. It was created in 1996 as a split from the 941 area code. The 239 area code is now overlaid with the 334 area code, which covers the entire state of Alabama.

The 239 area code is in the Eastern Time Zone and observes daylight saving time. It is bordered by the 727 area code to the north, the 321 area code to the east, and the 305 area code to the south.

What time zone does area code 239 belong to?

The 239 area code is located in southwestern Florida and covers Fort Myers, Naples, and Cape Coral. It was created in 1995 as a split from the 941 area code.

The 239 area code is in the Eastern Time Zone and covers 16 counties. It has a land area of 2,532 square miles and a water area of 2,390 square miles. The population of the 239 area code is 1,948,428.

Where does the fort myers fl 239 area code Come From?

The fort myers fl 239 area code comes from the original area code for the state of Florida, which was 904. In 1995, Florida was split into two area codes, with the north and central parts of the state becoming the 850 area code and the southern parts becoming the 813 area code. In 1999, the 850 and 813 area codes were split again, with the 850 area code being divided into the 850 and the 334 area codes. The 813 area code was also divided, creating the 727 area code. In 2001, the 727 area code was split, creating the 786 and the 954 area codes. In 2002, the 334 area code was split, creating the 205 and 251 area codes. 

Is Area Code 239 a scam?

Scam Number

There have been numerous reports of people receiving phone calls from someone claiming to be from area code 239. The caller often tries to sell some sort of product or service, and in some cases, the caller has even claimed to be from the government.

So is area code 239 a scam? It’s difficult to say for sure, but there have been enough reports of fraudulent activity that it’s best to be cautious if you receive a call from this area code. If you’re not interested in the call, hang up and don’t give the caller any information. And if you’re ever in doubt about a call, you can always check with your local better business bureau to see if there have been any complaints about the number.

How do I call the fort myers fl area code 239 number?

Have you ever received a call from a number of 734 codes? If yes, you can trace who was calling by performing a reverse phone lookup research by the help of Intelius which provides a report that includes phone type and carrier, the owner’s name, their current and past addresses, age, relatives and much more.

To call the fort myers fl area code 239 number, simply dial 1-239-888-8888.

How do I get my own 239 code number?

Every business needs a 239 code number in order to operate. This number is assigned by the government and is used to track businesses for tax and regulatory purposes. If you’re starting a new business, you’ll need to apply for a 239 code number from the government.

As pointed out there above, regulatory authority for anyone who wants to obtain an area code number lies with the Federal Communication Commission. Therefore, it is upon you to approach the FCC to get your own area code equipped with all the attendant requirements.

Keep in mind that the process for getting a 239 code number can take several weeks, so it’s important to plan ahead.

Is Area Code 239 Toll Free?

Yes, Area Code 239 is a toll free number. This means that you can dial this number without being charged for the call. This is a useful service for people who need to make long distance calls but do not have the means to do so. If you are in Area Code 239, you can use this service to make calls to other parts of the country without having to worry about the cost.

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