Grand Junction or 970 Area Code – Location, Time Zone, Toll-Free? Scam?

Grand Junction 970 Area Code

The 970 area code is located in Colorado and covers the western slope of the Rocky Mountains. It includes the cities of Aspen, Grand Junction, and Vail. The area code is also home to the Mesa Verde National Park and the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park.

What comes to your mind when you receive a number which bears a new area code? Most people hesitate to pick such calls for fear of being scammed. Others get concerned about the location of the caller and so on. In this article, you shall be duly guided with regard to area code number 970.

What time zone does area code 970 belong to?

The 970 area code covers the western part of Colorado, including the cities of Grand Junction and Glenwood Springs. This area code is in the Mountain Time Zone, which is GMT-7.

Where does the Grand junction 970 area code Come From?

The 970 area code is located in the state of Colorado and covers the cities of Grand Junction and Greeley. The 970 area code was created in 1995 as a split from the 303 area code. It is currently the second largest area code in Colorado.

According to the North American Numbering Plan, area code number 970 serves the western and northern parts of Colorado. These parts include Fort Collins, Grand Junction, Loveland, Durango, Steamboat Springs, Silverthorne, Estes Park, Breckenridge, Glenwood Springs, Greeley, Vail and Aspen.

Is area code 970 number a scam?

Scam Number

There have been recent reports of a scam involving the 970 area code. The scammer will contact the victim and claim to be from a legitimate company, such as a utility company or the government. The scammer will then say that the victim owes money for an outstanding bill or fine. If the victim agrees to pay the amount, the scammer will request payment through a wire transfer or gift card.

Area code 970 is no exception from such machinations and you should therefore be careful just as many people do through instinct; whenever they are called or whenever they receive text messages from new area code numbers.

How do I call the grand junction area code 970 number?

If you need to call a number in the 970 area code, simply dial “1” + 970 + the 7-digit phone number. When calling from outside of the United States, you will need to dial “+1” + 970 + the 7-digit phone number.

Can I send a text message or call 970 Area Code?

Yes, you can send a text message or make a call to the 970 area code. This area code is located in Colorado and includes the cities of Fort Collins, Greeley, and Loveland. If you are trying to reach a specific person or business in this area code, you will need to have the 10-digit phone number.

Just like a majority of phone users, you could be the type that easily gets tempted to reply to text messages or to numbers of which missed calls show on your phone. It is not a bad thing to do anyway, especially if there are no restrictions. However, you need to be warned. Texting back has got the potential to expose you to endless calls from intruders. It is even more dangerous when such messages are the kind that advise on a link which when you click might lead to sites that are unsafe

How do I get my own 970 code number?

You can get your own 970 code number by registering for a new account with the U.S. Department of the Treasury. After you create an account, you will be able to request a 970 code number for your business. Once you have a 970 code number, you can use it to identify your business when filing taxes or conducting other financial transactions.

Is area code 970 toll free?

Area code 970 is not toll free. If you are calling from within the 970 area code, you will be charged the standard per-minute rate for the call. If you are calling from outside of the 970 area code, you will be charged long distance rates.

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