Walnut Creek or 925 Area Code – Location, Time Zone, Toll-Free? Scam?

Walnut Creek 925 Area Code

The Walnut Creek or 925 area code is a telephone area code that covers Contra Costa County, California. The code includes the cities of Antioch, Concord, Lafayette, Martinez, Pleasant Hill, San Ramon, and Walnut Creek. 

The code was created in 1998 as a split from the 415 area code. The 925 code also includes a small portion of Santa Clara County.With the number of spammers, scammers, telemarketers, it has just become very overwhelming. If you suffer from that please continue reading as here we will talk about area code 925.

What time zone does area code 925 belong to?

The 925 area code is located in the Pacific Time Zone in the United States. This area code covers parts of California, including the cities of San Ramon, Pleasanton, and Livermore. The Pacific Time Zone is GMT-8, which means it is eight hours behind Greenwich Mean Time.

Where does the Walnut Creek 925 area code Come From?

The Walnut Creek 925 area code comes from the area code 925, which was created in 1998. The 925 area code covers Contra Costa County and the Diablo Range in California. The area code 925 was created from a split of the 408 area code. It is named after the city of Walnut Creek, California.

The 925-area code covers southeastern Alameda County including the cities; Pleasanton, Sunol, Livermore, and Dublin, and the surrounding communities. It also services all of Contra Costa County with the exception of the Western part of the County (El Cerrito to Crockett).

Can I receive a scam call from area code 925?

Scam Number

Yes, it is possible to receive a scam call from area code 925. This area code is located in the state of California, and scammers may use it to try and trick people into thinking they are from a legitimate business or government agency. If you receive a call from this area code, be sure to verify the caller’s identity before giving them any personal information.

However, we strongly advise you to be cautious when dealing with any unknown number or caller. Never reveal any personal information like address, bank account, credit card number, etc. to an unknown number that calls you. And if you suspect that a certain number is a scammer, block it immediately and report it.

How do I call the Walnut Creek area code 925 number?

In order to call the Walnut Creek area code 925 number, you will need to dial 1 + 925 + the 7 digit phone number.

How do I get my own 925 code number?

The 925 code is a standard code used to mark sterling silver. It is usually stamped on silver jewellery to indicate its purity. If you are interested in getting your own 925 code number, there are a few things you need to do.

First, you need to find a reliable source of sterling silver. This can be difficult, as there are many faux silver products on the market. Once you have found a reputable source, you need to purchase an item made of sterling silver. Finally, you need to take the item to a qualified jeweller to have it hallmarked.

Is Area Code 925 Toll Free?

No, Area Code 925 is not toll free. Toll free numbers are numbers that begin with 800, 888, 877, or 866. Area code 925 is a California telephone area code that was split from area code 415 on March 1, 1998. It covers the eastern Contra Costa County and the southwestern portion of the San Joaquin Valley.

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